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Temperature / Humidity / Datalogger ( TM317 )

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Model : TM-317

Waterproof - IP68

  • Battery:1/2 AA
  • BS EN 12830 Compliant(S;A;1): 

         1.Suitability for transport: S.   

         2.Climatic environment type: A.   

         3. Accuracy:classes 1.

  • EMC:EN61326-1:CISPR 11:Group 1,Class A
  • The data is directly transferred to computer via USB cable,the docking station is not required


  • Dew Point:When the data is downloaded to your computer,automatically calculated by the humidity and temperature (T-A) of the wet-bulb temperature,wet bulb temperature and draw the curve drawing curves
  • Memory data loaded PC,real-time synchronization and feeding material list and drawing curves
  • Maximum/minimum/average:Record data downloaded to a computer to automatically turn out 10 before the maximum 10 before calculating minimum and average
  • Real-time recording of PC
  • It can be simply connected by a USB connector 5V power supply

Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy

±0.6°C/±1.2°F (-20°C~50°C)

Humidity Range


Humidity Accuracy

±3.0%RH (20-80% RH)/±5.0%RH (<20%,>80%RH)



Battery Life

6 months/Records 1 per minute

Datalogging Capacity

25,000 records


88x61x34 (LxWxH)

Note : All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice

Country of origin : Taiwan.

Warranty : 1 year against manufacturing defects.

Remarks : For warranty claim :-
                1) There is NO one to one exchange.
                2) Unit need to sent back to manufacturer for rectification & repair.

Delivery : 3 to 5 days (in-stock unit) else 2 to 4 weeks (pre-order unit) subject to factory confirmation

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