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Sunvic / Thermowatt Stem Type Thermostat

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Sunvic / Thermowatt Stem Type Thermostat SPST

This rod thermostats for immersion heaters provide unsurpassed performance and service and at the same time totally overcomes all concerns about complying with newly effective regulations pertaining to this type of control. The thermostats have side entry terminals for easier cable connection.

Specifications :

FunctionBreak on temperature rise
Make on temperature fall
Voltage240 / 250 VAC
Load current16 / 20 A
Switch action1°C on opening
2°C on closing

Optional accesories :

  • Metal pockets with 1/2" BSP taper threads are available for rod thermostat
Part numberReset typeStem Ø (mm)Stem length (mm)RatingTemperature range (°C)Differential temperature (°C)
VKL 2201Auto7.5178 / 7"240V, 16A50 to 8010
VKL 2203Auto7.5178 / 7"240V, 16A25 to 6510
VKL 2251Manual7.5178 / 7"240V, 16A45 to 95-
VKL 2301Auto7.5280 / 11"240V, 16A50 to 806
VKL 2303Auto7.5280 / 11"240V, 16A25 to 656
VKL 2351Manual7.5280 / 11"240V, 16A45 to 95-
VKL 2401Auto7.5457 / 18"240V, 16A50 to 805
VK 4254Auto8178 / 7"250V, 20A30 to 11010
VK 4354Auto8280 / 11"250V, 20A60 to 12010
TE 300Auto6280 / 11"250V, 20A
380V, 10A
50 to 80-
RTM 300Auto6270 / 10-1/2"240V, 15A20 to 80-

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