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Infrared Radiant Heaters ( RU Series )

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Infrared Radiant Heaters ( Single Element Types )

Constructed from strong heavy-duty aluminium frame, stainless steel reflector, tubular sheathed element, high temperature wiring & terminal connection

Applications :-

Comfort Heating - heaters are ideal for locations such as schools, factories, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, etc

Process Heating - heaters are mounted in rows or banks, tunnel or oven section configuration to achieve concentrated heat in heating process such as drying paint or fruits, heating plastic materials for forming, heat curing, melting glues, etc

Specifications :-

ModelRatingHeat Length ( mm )Overall Length ( mm )
RU08240240 V , 800 W380597
RU11240240 V, 1100 W535738
RU15240240 V, 1500 W715929
RU18240240 V, 1800 W8601072
RU24240240 V, 2400 W11501367
RU30240240 V, 3000 W14201635
RU36240240 V, 3600 W16801896

* Wire Mesh are additional charges ( optional )

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