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Diesel Level Control Relay (DLCD2)

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Application : Best suitable for monitoring two levels the Diesel FuelTank & automatically operate the fuel pump or solenoid valve for reffilling purpose. Multiple Relays can be used with independent functions as described above in the same tank. Applications with Diesel Powered Generators, Boilers, Screw compressors ,Fire Fighting Pumps etc.

Function : The DLCD2 relay operates by sensing the continuity of Infra Red optical signal through the Transmitter & Receiver of the Fork Type Prod Sensor tip. Two Fork Type Sensor FRKP 1 are required to sense the fuel level. This sensor is mounted either from TOP or SIDE wall on the fuel tank, with its End Tip immersed in the fuel tank at the desired position. The Relay energizes when both Sensor tip are inside the liquid & de-energizes when level drops.

Technical Specifications :

- Aux. Supply : 110/220/230/240/380/415/440VAC ±20%,
                      50/60Hz ±3%, 24VDC ±10%
- Power Consumption : 3VA
- Input Sensors : 2 Nos Minilec Sensor Prod FRK P1
- Input Sensitivity : N. A.
- Output : 1 CO, Rated 5A/230VAC (Resistive)

- Setting & Indication : Trip & Reset Level     Trip Time Delay           LEDs
  Healthy                     According Sensor      Less than 1 Sec.      Green Lights

- Temperature : -5°C to 55°C
- Humidity : Up to 95% Rh
- Dimension & Weight : 56.5 x 75 x 117.5mm (400g)

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