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Device Management (Kelman)

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Device Management BP/TEL-220-02A + BU/TEL-220-05A

1) Power BP/TEL-220-02A is designed to provide control unit BU/TEL-220-05A constant tension set  value (230).
2) The power supply includes energy storage - the battery of condensers, which incorporates a switch BB/TEL by giving it a permanent electromagnets portions cottbus and the capacitor is contained in the mute control unit, BU/TEL-220-05A. The control unit BU/TEL-220-05A used only in conjunction with power supply and provides BP/TEL-220-02A :
- switch management
- compliance with the standard cycle APW O-0, 3c-IN-15s-IN-IN-180s
- lock on re-inclusion
- capable of being shut off in the absence of operational power by disconnecting the capacitor  charging current which flows in the secondary circuits of current transformers.
3) Control units BU/TEL-220-05A and power supplies BT/TEL-220-02A installed in relay racks complete the distribution of devices inside and outside the installation (KPY, Kroon ), or on the facades of prefabricated chambers unilateral service (CSR).

Technical characteristics of ligaments BU/TEL-220-05A and BP/TEL-220-02A

Parameter                                                                                                           Value

- Nominal Supply Voltage BP/TEL-220-02A,                                                            IN = / 220
- The range of accesptable voltage operational power BP/TEL-220-02A :
   - Constant                                                                                                       75...300
   - In the variables                                                                                              75...260
- Power consumption BP/TEL-220-02A of the source of operational power :
   - When setting the output voltage, no more, VA                                                       120
   - In a stable mode, no more, VA                                                                             35
- The range of voltage from the auxiliary source                                                     = 12...24
- Time preserving the ability to turn off a switch from the moment of falling
   voltage at the input power supply BP/TEL-220-02A :
   - When discharged power supply, not less, with                                                         10
   - Charged with the power supply, not less, with                                                          20
- The range of currents for the charge on a capacitor disconnection,                             3...300
- Frequency of inclusion of the vacuum switch, BP/TEL least with                                      3
- Weight BU/TEL-220-05A (BU/TEL-220-02A - the same way ), kg                                    2
- Dimension, not more than, mm :
  BU/TEL-220-05A                                                                                          192 x 120 x 61
  BP/TEL-220-02A                                                                                          180 x 132 x 61

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