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Caem Thermostat (TU-HC-B45-SPST50-250)

RM 170.00


Single Pole Electric Thermostat

Rating 250V 30 Amp / 400V 18 Amp

CE-cURus-ENEC approvals

Thermostat is a component for regulating the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set-point temperature. Thermostat does this by switching heating or cooling device on or off to maintain the correct temperature. Thermostat can be used for controlling of kitchen equipment such as oven, griddle, bain-marie, chiller, freezer and building heating system, air conditioners and HVAC systems.

Adjustable with automatic reset "ST" contacts with screw terminals and stainless steel capillary and bulb with stuffing box M12 for 120 deg. C range

Knob diameter (mm)Temperature rangeSensor size (mm)Capillary length (mm)Stuffing box
5050 to  250 deg. Cdiameterlength900Nil

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