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Float Switch (RF3001DD)

RM 220.00

Vertical SUS Mini Float Switch

- High temperature metal (SUS) mini float switch

- User configurable NO or NC switch action

- Standard switches are ideal for high temperature, high pressure or corrosive conditions in many applications

Electrical specifications : 

 Switching capacity max.


 Switching voltage max.

 240VAC / 200 VDC

 Switching current max.


 Carry current max.



Length (L)

Max. pressure (Kg/cm²)

Suitable specific gravity

Lead wire

Operating temperature


Float size (mm)

Configurable switch action (NO or NC)

45 mm




-10 to 120°C


Ø28 x 28


Note : All the above descriptions are subject to change without notice

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Country of origin : Taiwan 

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